German Future Earth Summit

Bild Summit

The bi-annual "German Future Earth Summit" contributes to the networking among the sustainability research community in Germany and beyond. Three summits have been organized so far. They brought together each more than 200 visitors from many disciplines and sectors.

While new societally relevant topics were discussed at the first summit (2014), the second (2016) focused on cross-disciplinary and cross-sectional issues with a stronger focus on science. The third summit (2018) took the adoption of the "Sustainable Development Goals" and the “Paris Agreement on Climate Protection” as well as the establishment of the Future Earth Knowledge Action Networks (KANs) as an opportunity to focus on the role of science in the production of solution-oriented knowledge.

- The German Sustainability Science Summit 2021 will continue the series of the German Future Earth Summits on 8 & 9 July 2021, please find further information here -

German Sustainability Science Summit 2021, 08. - 09.07.2021
3. German Future Earth Summit, Berlin, 08.-09.02.2018
2. German Future Earth Summit, Berlin, 28.-29.01.2016
1. German Future Earth Summit, Berlin, 27.-28.01.2014